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While we may have come across terms like ‘nephrology doctors’ or ‘nephrologists,’ not many know what it means. A nephrologist is a medical practitioner who deals with all aspects of kidney care like identifying bad kidney symptoms and providing kidney treatment for renal problems, kidney stone disease and other kidney abnormalities. Commonly referred to as kidney specialist doctors, the medical title ‘nephrologist’ is derived from the Greek word ‘nephros,’ meaning kidney. Nephrology doctors are trained in internal medicine and then undergo even more specialized training to help patients with kidney abnormalities. Nephrologists treat chronic kidney disease, acute renal problems, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease, and other conditions. Although you can resort to simple home remedies for problems like Kidney stones, it is best to consult a kidney specialist doctor for expert advice.

It’s now easy to find a nephrologist online, right here on MFine. We make your searches for ‘kidney doctor near me’ more accessible by connecting you with top nephrologists online on MedKare

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What do our kidney specialist doctors do?

As previously mentioned, a nephrologist is a medical practitioner who deals with all aspects of kidney care like identifying bad kidney symptoms and providing kidney treatment for common kidney diseases, renal problems, kidney stone disease, and more.

If you are concerned about having renal problems, consult a nephrologist online who can identify the cause behind the following symptoms:

A nephrologist online will also be able to identify how kidney diseases can affect other parts of your body. While a general physician will be able to treat most common kidney diseases, consulting a kidney specialist doctor will be helpful in complex kidney abnormalities.

A nephrologist online at MFine will suggest appropriate diagnosis and kidney treatment when kidney abnormalities are challenging to manage. The nephrologist online will speak to you about your family history and suggest a complete medical check-up, if necessary.

How does a nephrologist online diagnose kidney abnormalities?

The nephrologist online will ask you to perform lab tests and health check-ups, depending on your condition and other lifestyle factors. Your doctor may also suggest a complete kidney function test if required.

Urine tests:

Urinalysis: This procedure tests for the pH levels of urine and the presence of abnormal levels of blood, glucose, and bacteria in your urine.

Albumin/ creatinine ratio: This tests for the albumin levels in your urine. Those with kidney abnormalities/ kidney dysfunction will show high levels of albumin.

24-hour urine collection: This testing is done by collecting all your urine in 24-hours and storing it in a container.

Creatinine clearance: This testing is done alongside a 24-hour urine collection and a blood sample. It shows the amount of creatinine that has moved from the blood to the urine.

Blood tests:

Glomerular filtration rate test: Glomerular filtration rate (GFR) helps to know how the kidneys filter your blood. If the levels show a decline, it indicates renal problems.

Serum creatinine test: The serum creatinine test is also essential. Creatinine is a waste product, and those with kidney dysfunction show high levels of creatinine.

Blood urea nitrogen test: Those with kidney disease/ kidney abnormalities show high levels of blood urea nitrogen.

The nephrologist online will ask you to submit your urine and blood samples to monitor the functioning of your kidneys. Once the cause is diagnosed, your nephrologist online doctor will suggest an appropriate kidney treatment. In case a patient shows signs of kidney stone disease, the specialist will check the stage of the disease and then recommend kidney treatment. If surgery is required, they will refer you to an excellent general surgeon. If needed, a kidney specialist doctor may recommend a comprehensive health check-up to assess the condition of all your vital organs, or a kidney function test that caters to checking your kidney performance. The tests will be performed on samples collected from your doorstep during your preferred time slots. With the ongoing pandemic, we ensure that our medical professionals strictly follow COVID-19 safety protocols guidelines while performing the health checks.

In a nutshell, our kidney specialist doctors ensure you receive the best kidney treatment post-diagnosis. We make your searches for ‘best nephrologist near me’ easier by connecting you with top nephrologist online on MedKare. In case you require hospitalization or any other medical intervention, our team will help you get in touch with them.

What does a nephrologist online treat?

Kidney specialist doctors provide kidney treatment for the following conditions:

Acute renal failure: If your kidneys stop working altogether, the nephrologists on MedKare can give you proper guidance to manage the condition. Besides, they will suggest you with appropriate kidney treatment.

Chronic kidney disease: When the kidneys are damaged, waste and fluid are not removed regularly. Poor kidney function can cause other renal problems to arise. In such cases, it is advised to consult an expert on MedKare to help you resolve this chronic issue.

The decline in kidney function: If your kidneys do not function properly or you suspect damage, don’t worry at all. Feel free to reach out to our kidney specialists on MedKare and let them guide in the best possible way.

Severe UTI: If you suffer from recurrent Urinary Tract Infections, it could be a sign of kidney abnormalities. While this condition may be embarrassing to share, we are here to help you and relieve your pain. You can seek guidance from one of our qualified nephrologist online and resolve your issues!

Blood loss in urine: Blood loss in urine could indicate bad kidney symptoms, and it’s best to understand the situation and act! With our team of qualified kidney specialist doctors, help is within reach. Our nephrologist online can help you with timely diagnosis, kidney treatment, and advice.

Other issues: Our nephrologist online can also help you with any other kidney issue, and also concerns such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

Don’t think twice and reach out to our top nephrologist online because you deserve to be happy and healthy!

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Ans – A nephrologist is a medical practitioner who deals with all aspects of kidney care like identifying bad kidney symptoms and providing kidney treatment for renal problems, kidney stone disease, kidney abnormalities. Nephrologists treat chronic kidney disease, acute renal problems, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease, and other conditions.

A nephrologist is a doctor who specializes in treating common kidney diseases and other disorders related to the kidneys. A urologist treats disorders and conditions related to the urinary tract, including those that can be caused by the kidneys like kidney stone disease.

If you are concerned about having renal problems, consult a nephrologist who can identify the cause behind the following bad kidney symptoms:

Keeping your kidneys healthy can be done by keeping your overall body healthy! Practice consuming a balanced diet of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, and minerals. Supplement this by performing at least 30 minutes of medium-to-high intensity levels of physical activity every day. Most importantly, consume 3-4 litres of water every day to avoid kidney abnormalities and lead a healthy life. If you require a personalized Indian diet recommendation, consult top dietitians online on MedKare.

On your first consultation, your nephrologist or kidney specialist doctor will gather necessary information from you. Your doctor will perform a physical examination to assess any pain or swelling and understand your medical history to find the cause for renal problems, if any. After this, your doctor might recommend taking a health check-up like a kidney function test, or urine and blood tests to get an accurate diagnosis of your condition.

You should consider consulting with a kidney specialist doctor if

  • you have constant, dull pain in your lower back,
  • You have any abnormalities in your urine (discoloration, abnormal frequency or smell)
  • You face severe fatigue, body pain or swelling

For online doctor consultation, you have to choose the nephrologist specialty, select a doctor, and enter your contact details. The kidney specialist doctor will connect with you and will recommend lab tests, health check-ups, or medicines based on your kidney performance and health condition. We make your searches for ‘best nephrologist near me’ and ‘kidney doctor near me’ easier. With MedKare, we can connect you with our qualified team of nephrologists for appropriate guidance.

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