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    What is Vitamin B12?

    A vitamin B12 test checks the B12 levels in the body. Vitamin B12 is an important nutrient for the efficient functioning of the nervous system, production of blood cells and prevention of anaemia. Vit B12 helps in boosting energy and is prescribed even for mental health disorders. It falls under the ‘essential vitamins’ category, which means that it cannot be produced by your body and has to be supplemented in your diet. Sources of vitamin B12 are eggs, milk, fish, chicken and dairy products. There are vitamin B12 supplements such as B complex tablets, methylcobalamin tablets, Vitamin B12 capsules, B12 shots, vitamin B12 injections and more available that can be a major source of vitamin B12 for your body. Vit B12 is a water-soluble vitamin.

    Because of how essential this vitamin is for the body, a vitamin B12 test is recommended if you observe any vitamin B12 deficiency signs and symptoms.

    What are the vitamin B12 deficiency symptoms?

    A lack of vitamin B12 can lead to anaemia which occurs because of insufficient production of red blood cells in your body. Red blood cells are vital factors for supplying oxygen throughout the blood. Thus, low vit B12 symptoms include weakness, fatigue and tiredness. Generally, animal foods contain high vitamin B12 levels and thus vegans and vegetarians are more prone to be affected by lack of vitamin B12. Sometimes, there can be a lack of important factors that absorb vitamin B12 in your body. In that case, the possibility of a serious vitamin B12 deficiency disease occurring is probable – like pernicious anaemia, which can cause nerve damage and may even pose as a risk factor for developing stomach cancer. The most predominant vit B12 deficiency symptoms include:

  • “Pins and needles” in feet or hands: A constant tingling sensation in your hands or feet is one of the biggest vitamin B12 deficiency signs. It is caused due to nerve damage and is directly linked to the vitamin playing an important role in your nervous system.
  • Pale skin or Jaundice: Jaundice is a condition that is caused due to excessive degradation of red blood cells in an individual’s body. Since red blood cells play a crucial role in maintaining the normal colour of the skin, reduced levels of RBCs in the body can lead to a pale colour which is directly related to a lack of vit B12 in the body.
  • Higher heart rate: In an attempt to make up for the reduced number of RBCs in the body, you may experience a faster heart rate. This is one of the biggest effects of vitamin B12 deficiency. This is also usually accompanied with shortness of breath. Additionally, a higher heart rate links back to Anemia when your heart is pressurised to produce higher volumes of blood in the body
  • Compromised oral health: Low vit B12 levels can also lead to various mouth problems including mouth ulcers, a swollen tongue and burning sensation in the mouth. This is caused due to the reduction in oxygen reaching the tongue due to the lesser number of RBCs in the body.
  • Cognitive impairment: The reduced levels of oxygen to the brain can result in cognitive impairment. Simply put, the individual will find it hard to reason and think clearly which can more than often lead to memory loss. Doctors usually connect a severe lack of vitamin B12 to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.
  • Why should you get a Vitamin B12/ Vit B12 deficiency test?

    A vitamin B12 deficiency test can help diagnose these symptoms, and catching them earlier on is important to ensure that the lack of vitamin B12 does not worsen. If left untreated for a long time, other vitamin B12 deficiency diseases can crop up, resulting in serious health risks. A general physician will consult with you after your test results are in, and will help set a course of action for low vitamin B12 treatment.

    This may involve getting in touch with a dietitian , who will help guide you with the foods you should consume, vitamin B12 tablets or B12 supplements you may have to take, along with comprehensive vitamin B12 deficiency diet counseling.

    Fatigue: Fatigue is the second-most common and initial symptoms of pregnancy caused as a result of the developing foetus sharing the blood supply and the nutrients from the mother.

    How to test for Vit B12 deficiency?

    A lack of vit B12 is diagnosed by blood tests and exclusive tests to measure the amount of vitamins in your body. You can refer to the diagnostic tests through the MedKare and book an appointment for B12 level tests. You can also check online for the best diagnostic center using MedKare and consult with best general physicians. A medical professional from Thyrocare or Healthians or Prima Diagnostics will visit your doorstep to take your blood sample. The results of the test will be shared with you online and you can consult with top doctors on Medkare immediately for instant chat and video consultation.

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    If you’re experiencing low B12 symptoms, you should get a vit B12 deficiency test. Symptoms include palpitations, a sensation of pins and needles, pale skin, mouth ulcers, and more. Moreover, a vitamin B12 level test can reveal if you are at-risk for suffering from any other disorders, such as anemia, cognitive impairment, or the onset of Alzheimer’s. Speak to a general doctor in Bengaluru about your symptoms and to check if this test is right for you.

    A vitamin B12 test will require you to fast for a few hours before the lab partner arrives to collect your samples. Usually, this is between 6 to 8 hours before the test. You should also inform your doctor of any other medication you are taking as they may interfere with the results.

    After one of our lab partners has collected the samples of your vit B12 deficiency test, they will deliver it to the lab. The samples are processed and the reports are then generated within 48 hours of the sample collection. You can find your results uploaded onto your profile on the MFine app.

    A general doctor will consult with you to go over your B12 test results. They may prescribe supplements or vitamin B12 deficiency medicine. They will also go over some of the common vit B12 deficiency effects so that you are more aware of the signs and symptoms, which usually are not very evident at first. It is likely that you will consult with a dietician regarding your vitamiN B12  test results as well so that you may receive dietary counseling to include more foods rich in vitamins in your daily meals.

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