Stress Assessment


This package covers

  • Measurement: Complete Blood Counts (CBC)
  • Stress Hormone Check
  • Risk Assessment: Cholesterol, Thyroid
  • Deficiency Check : Vitamin D Total
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    Stress assessment

    Can you test for stress?

    Yes, you can! A stress assessment exclusively determines several parameters that are affected by stress and other stress-related disorders. Stress is not beneficial for one’s physical or mental health. Experts say that stress produces the hormone cortisol which brings about biological changes. With an increasing number of individuals dealing with mental and emotional strain, it has become essential to get yourself checked to find out the causes of stress.

    What does stress mean?

    Stress is the physical and mental trauma you go through when exposed to unexpected situations. These scenarios lead to an increased production of substances like cortisol and adrenaline in the body. When these substances remain high as the result of chronic stress, it can lead to an increased risk of stress related disorders like high blood pressureheart attackanxietyheadache, and depression. Whatever the reasons might be, it is vital to take up a stress assessment and consult with top doctors for the best treatment. 

    What are the causes of stress?

    Understanding the root causes of stress is the first step in starting any treatment. Some of the common reasons are workplace issues, peer pressure, the environment at home, financial issues, relationships among other factors. Psychiatrists may help in relieving some of the mental disorders resulting from prolonged stress levels, however it is imperative to check the metabolic disorders of the body as a result of high stress levels. 

    Managing Stress during the COVID-19 Outbreak

    While it has been a year since the COVID-19 outbreak in India, currently the second wave with the double mutation COVID virus has been sweeping aggressively across the nation. Many contracting COVID-19 have been showing more intense symptoms of COVID in the second wave compared to the first.  As our country navigates this grim period, it is normal to feel stressed and anxious. With people attending to COVID-positive family members or even losing their loved ones to the deadly coronavirus disease its natural for stress and grief to kick in putting your whole physical and mental health in a state of survival.

    Maybe you’ve been protected from COVID-19 exposure but been following the news, statistics and even engaging on social media with those being affected. While it is normal for you to feel stressed an anxious, it only becomes a problem when it goes unmanaged. As stress has the potential to weaken your immune system, it is vital to find a coping mechanism to stay healthy in the long run. First, undertaking a stress assessment test can help your doctor identify its affect on your bodily function and then determine an appropriate course of action that is best for you. Here some other ways you can cope with stress during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Limit the amount of time you spend engaging with news everyday
  • Take 10-15 minutes of your day every morning and before bed to breathe and meditate
  • Engage in 30 mins of physical activity everyday
  • Maintain a journal and pen down your thoughts or even positive affirmations to help declutter your mind
  • Eat a balanced diet full of vitamins and nutrients and drink 2-3L of water every day
  • Seek professional help with therapy or counselling sessions with a certified psychologist or mental health professional
  • Nevertheless, if you do happen to develop mild symptoms of COVID-19 it is advised that you book an RTPCR test at the earliest to rule out your diagnosis. If you do happen to test positive for COVID-19, the important thing is not to panic. While it’s easier said that done, try to reach out to your doctor at the earliest to find out the best course of action for you. A COVID blood test and HRCT chest scan can help determine how the virus is interacting with your body and maybe recommended by your doctor. Whether it is how to self-quarantine, or seeking COVID home treatment make sure you closely monitor your symptoms and report back to your doctor frequently. While most cases do not require hospitalisation, it is vital that you try and stay positive throughout the course of the infection.

    What is a stress assessment test?

    A stress assessment is a set of health screening exams that checks the complete blood count (CBC), cholesterol levels, thyroid function, diabetes profile, vitamin D levels, inflammation marker levels, and stress hormone levels. The amounts of red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets and hemoglobin are evaluated under CBC. Inflammation markers like ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate) is measured to see if they are elevated, which can be an outcome of stress. In addition to these tests, hormone analysis is done to measure the amount of cortisol which is elevated with stress. 

    When you opt for a stress assessment at home, a lab technician will collect your samples from home for analysis. You can then access your reports online within 48 hours and fix an appointment with a doctor for further treatment. 

    How can one relieve stress?

    Apart from the treatment suggested by your doctor, you can also resort to simple stress remedies to keep the tension under control. It is advisable to eat healthy and on time and to maintain a sleep schedule getting 6-8 hours of sound sleep. Additionally, regular exercises like walking and yoga help in keeping your mind calm. For some individuals, talking, reading, music and gardening can be forms of self-therapy to relax their minds. A hobby is often found to be helpful in relaxing the mind. There are also advanced stress remedies like reflexology and massage therapy that can bring about immediate relief to individuals.

    medkare connects you with the best doctors with whom you can interact to get suggestions about your health. When you book a stress assessment, a lab technician from Healthians or Humain Health or Bioline will visit your home and collect your sample for the test. You can then consult with either a general doctor or neurologist to examine you. It’s time to live stress-free.

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