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Fasting Blood Sugar Test: Process & Test Results

What is a fasting blood sugar test?

But first let’s understand, what is Diabetes? Diabetes is a metabolic disease that is caused due to excessive amounts of blood glucose in your body. It is detected by a simple fasting blood glucose test. Normally, the pancreas secretes a hormone called insulin that plays a crucial role in breaking down glucose that can be easily absorbed by the cells. For patients with diabetes, insulin production is affected or sensitivity of body cells towards insulin is reduced, which in turn increases the blood glucose levels, which is harmful. High blood sugar level, outside the normal fasting glucose range can also result in different types of medical conditions, including heart valve disease, lung problems, different types of mental disorders, and skin diseases, among many others.

You should consider taking a diabetes screening if you notice any pre diabetes symptoms so that treatment can be started at the earliest. In case you have already been diagnosed with high blood sugar, a fasting blood glucose test will help you understand the degree of the condition to take steps to stabilize the same.

What are the 2 types of diabetes that can be detected by a fasting blood sugar test?

There are two major types of diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes: Diabetes mellitus type 1 is a condition in which the body is unable to produce insulin as the pancreatic cells producing the hormone are destroyed by your immune cells. This results in high glucose levels and can occur at any age. However, it is predominantly diagnosed at a young age.

Type 2 diabetes: In this condition, the body either resists insulin, or the pancreas does not produce enough of it. This leads to the inability of the body to maintain glucose levels, resulting in high blood sugar levels. This is most prevalent in middle-aged individuals. A fasting blood glucose test will help determine the same.

A diabetes doctor will help set a course of action for your treatment after the results of your first diabetes blood test. You will also have to take up random blood sugar tests until your glucose levels stabilize and are under control with insulin therapy and blood sugar treatment. You should talk to your diabetologist about taking regular diabetes screening tests if you have already been diagnosed.

What is the fasting blood sugar test procedure?

Once the doctor prescribes a fasting glucose test, you will have to book an appointment with the nearby clinic or diagnostic center. You can also opt for a blood sugar test at home through the MedKare. Your blood sample will be collected and evaluated for the glucose levels. This test will be done in two stages – fasting (before eating) and postprandial (after a meal) – for a complete analysis of your blood glucose levels. The results of the diabetes screening will be compared with the standard recommended levels and you will be diagnosed accordingly. Doctors will prescribe corresponding high blood sugar treatment along with a special diabetes diet and insulin medication to help manage your glucose levels. If you have low glucose levels, it means that you’re not diabetic.

Why should you take a fasting blood sugar test?

Over 30 million people in India suffer from diabetes, with many even succumbing to diabetes-related complications owing to poor management. A large proportion of the people suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes hail from rural areas, with many of them not even knowing what the disease is. Many people also suffer from signs and symptoms of diabetes which go unchecked until it is too late to prevent the onset of the disease. This is why getting a fasting blood sugar test regularly to check your fasting blood sugar level is so important.

Diabetes screening and its management is the need of the hour – right from identifying the early symptoms of diabetes to recommending a list of foods for diabetes according to each individual case. A blood FBS test includes 2 tests, assessing a person’s glucose level, prompting them to start taking measures to manage it. There are also other risk factors associated with diabetes, like, stroke, heart diseases, kidney problems, skin disease, nervous trouble and diarrhea.

Whom should I consult to get a fasting blood glucose test?

Book a consultation with top diabetologists via MedKare today! A blood glucose test or a diabetes screening includes free consultation with doctors to help check your fasting blood sugar levels.  Moreover, catering to the residents, you can receive the online report of a diabetes check up at home in a matter of 48 hours, all analysed by trained technicians and using high-end technology. The sample of your sugar level test will be picked up from home by a representative from Healthians or Thyrocare or Neuberg Diagnostics at the scheduled time-slot.

At MedKare, you get your doctor’s consultation on your fingertips. We are a mobile health platform, aggregating branded hospitals to deliver on-demand healthcare services to patients. With a health package focusing on your glucose level done at the comforts of your home, convenience has reached another level and at nominal rates too!

Frequently Asked Questions on fasting blood sugar test

Who should take a fasting blood sugar test?

You should get a fasting blood glucose test at home if you are overweight, or if you have a family history of diabetes. You should also take this test if you have already been diagnosed with high blood sugar levels. You can speak to a diabetologist to understand the analysis of your reports better.

Do I need to practice fasting before the blood test?

A  diabetes check up at home requires fasting before the blood test followed by a sample collection. After this, you’ll be required to consume food, and then check for normal fasting glucose 1 hour after eating. This practice ensures accurate results within the fasting blood sugar range.

When will I get the reports for my fasting blood test?

After the samples of your diabetes screening or fasting glucose test have been collected, it takes 48 hours for the reports of the fasting blood test to be generated. This is because our partner labs need time to process and analyse the samples.

What happens once I get my results?

A diabetologist will consult with you once the reports of your fasting sugar test are in. They will go over the results and analyse the fasting glucose levels and will then prescribe insulin medication and blood sugar treatment. This may include a consultation with a dietician in order to inform you of a general list of foods for diabetics, and to offer you a personalised diet plan.

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