Comprehensive Full Body Check- Men


This package covers

  • Immunity Parameters: Complete Blood Count (CBC), Iron Levels, Vitamin D & B12
  • Deficiency Check: Calcium
  • Urine Analysis and Electrolytes Profile
  • Organ Health Evaluation: Heart, Liver, Pancreas, Kidneys, and Thyroid
  • Risk Assessment: Cholesterol, Diabetes, Stress, Prostate Cancer, Heart Diseases

Why should you book this package?

Comprehensive full body checkup for men

What is a comprehensive full body checkup for men?

A comprehensive full body checkup is a detailed list of tests, all available at once under one health package, which is taken to examine the state of your health in all aspects. This will help identify any existing medical conditions, and will also be able to diagnose if you are potentially at risk for any disease. A full body men’s health check package with a general doctor has tests that give you detailed insights on your health, overall organ functioning, and if there are any deficiencies that need to be treated. The package comprises tests like a CBC test, cholesterol and diabetes screening, cardiac tests, urine tests, vitamin D test, B12 test, and more. An annual comprehensive full body checkup at home is suggested for all men over the age of 18.

Why should you get a comprehensive full body checkup?

With so many physiological and psychological changes that occur throughout an individual’s life, it’s easier to become more prone to health conditions, especially if your family has a history of any medical problems like diabetes or blood pressure. This is why we suggest a full body checkup at home so that you can remain in control of your health. A men’s annual health checkup will show if there is a risk to any health conditions. Early detection will always give you a chance to effectively manage, prevent and treat conditions. While many people opt to get an advanced full body health checkup, we recommend getting a full body checkup for men at least once a year as this includes more tests that provide in-depth insights on your health. An advanced full body test does not consist of the complete set of tests for every aspect of your health the way a men’s health check package by a general doctor does.

What tests does a comprehensive full body checkup include?

There are a total of 91 tests included in a men’s annual health checkup package. medkare’s complete health checkup includes the following tests:

  • 24 complete blood count tests: blood test can help reveal your overall and general health, and can help identify infections or disorders present in the body.
  • 3 electrolyte tests: This test is used to evaluate if your salt and mineral levels in the body are balanced or not.
  • 5 diabetes tests: Monitor your blood glucose levels, sugars, and determine if you’re at risk for diabetes with a diabetes screening test. Based on the outcome of results, your doctor will refer you to a diabetes doctor.
  • 11 liver tests: These tests help determine if your liver is in good health.
  • 8 lipid tests: These tests help determine the cholesterol levels in your blood. They also generate the amount of fats, of various types, in your bloodstream. A lipid profile can help evaluate the risk for stroke and cardiac diseases, among others.
  • 3 thyroid tests: While thyroid disorders are more prevalent in women, men can become affected with low thyroid levels as well. A thyroid profile test will help determine if your thyroid gland is in the pink of its health.
  • 17 urine tests: The 17 urine tests included in this package helps in executing a complete urine analysis. This helps in checking for urinary tract infections. The reports also address signs of hypertension, diabetes, and fatty liver disease.
  • 2 vitamin tests: These are used to check if you have vitamin deficiencies. These tests will check for a normal vitamin D level and normal B12 levels.
  • 1 hormone test: This test is used to profile your testosterone levels.

What tests are done in a full body checkup?

  • 23 blood count tests: A CBC medical test will help understand if your body is fighting any diseases or infections and will help determine if the average platelet count is a normal range.
  • 11 liver tests: These liver tests are used to give a complete profile of the liver’s activity and health.
  • 3 kidneys examinations: These kidney tests help determine the health of the kidneys. Oftentimes, we may dismiss early symptoms of kidney disease, such as change in frequency of bowel movement and discolouration because we think these are temporary. In case anything turns up in your medical reports, you will be referred to a kidney specialist.
  • 1 diabetes assessment: A blood glucose test and levels lets you monitor blood glucose levels and identify any risk of diabetes, or early signs of diabetes that may present themselves. In which case, a diabetes doctor will have a look at your diabetes screening test results to help you out.
  • 8 lipid tests: A lipid profile helps assess the HDL and LDL cholesterol levels and other types of fats in your blood. Fats levels in your blood are indicators of the health of your heart.
  • 3 thyroid examinations: A thyroid blood test is done to ensure that the gland is in good health. This will test your T3 and T4 levels, and a TSH blood test will check for low thyroid levels as well. Based on these results, you may be referred to a thyroid specialist.
  • 1 calcium levels evaluationCalcium levels are monitored to check for any conditions related to bones, teeth, heart, and liver. An orthopedic doctorwill go over the results of your calcium test to help detect early signs of osteoporosis.

You may also opt to take a  COVID antibody RTPCR test for safety and assurance at the comfort of your home accurately on medkare.

What help do we provide?

With the medkare, we provide you with the best full body checkup packages. Our full body checkup price is inclusive of all the tests provided. Choose a full health checkup best tailored to suit your needs. A health professional from Thyrocare or Healthians or Humain Health or Prima Diagnostics or Bioline will come to your home to collect the samples. The test report will be uploaded on your mfine app within 48 hours. You can also consult with the top general physicians for a complete diagnosis of your full body test on the medkare. The doctor will also share their medical advice and write you a prescription if needed.


Both men and women above the age of 18 should avail a full body test at least once a year to ensure that all aspects of your health are optimal, and to check for any signs of medical conditions that can show up with age. In case you have a family history of heart problems, diabetes, and other conditions of the like, you should opt for full body checkup sooner rather than later.

A select few of the tests from this health package require fasting before blood test and sample collection to ensure accurate results are displayed in your medical report. You are required to keep a gap of a minimum of 10-12 hours between the time of your last meal and the sample collection. You can drink only water during that period.

All medical reports pertaining to the full body test will be ready and uploaded onto your profile on the medkare within 48 hours of the sample collection.

Once your test results are ready, a general doctor will get in touch with you to analyse your reports and offer further advice on which parameters of your health you need to focus more on. In case any signs and symptoms of medical conditions appear in the reports of the master health checkup, you will be put in touch with a doctor from that respective field.

Since this health screening is a full health checkup for preventive measures, you will not require a doctor’s prescription to avail these tests. Simply book a full body checkup at home on our app, and schedule a date and time convenient for you for the sample collection.

A basic full body health checkup tests for fewer medical conditions, making a full body checkup at home a more comprehensive one. For example, a full body test checks for thyroid conditions, kidney and liver infections, early signs of diabetes, and calcium deficiency, whereas a basic health checkup does not cover these tests.

In this time of a pandemic, it is highly recommended to consider taking a COVID antibody RTPCR test for safety and assurance at the comfort of your home accurately on MedKare, available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Gurgaon and Hyderabad.

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