Basic Full Body Check


This package covers

  1. Measurement: Complete Blood Counts (CBC)
  2. Organ Health Assessment: Kidneys and Thyroid
  3. Risk Assessment: Cholesterol, Diabetes

Why should you book this package?

Basic Full Body Checkup

What is a basic full body checkup?

A basic full body checkup includes a list of tests that are required for early detection of many potential diseases. There are about 34 tests included in a basic health check up that can help in diagnosing multiple diseases and conditions.

Simple symptoms like headachevomitingnauseafeverchest pain and abdominal pain may seem curable but can be an indication of a major ailment. These symptoms can be early signs of life-altering illnesses like cardiovascular problemsdiabetesstomach ulcerpulmonary infection, and cancer. It is never too late to get a basic health check-up by a general doctor done for the effective prevention of diseases.

In today’s fast-paced world, you are subjected to many lifestyle changes that can have adverse effects on your health. Increased health risks may also be due to genetics, environmental factors, and poor compliance to medications when prescribed. Taking a basic health check up to examine your body and consulting with a general doctor in citys to diagnose the early onset of a disease is the best way to ensure you are in the best of health. Recommended at least once a year, choosing to take a full health checkup also entails a consultation with a general doctor to help you understand your reports.

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What is included in a full body checkup?

A basic health check up at home offers a wide range of tests for overall health screening. The tests included in the package are:

Complete blood count test: This measures the vital components of blood like red blood cells, white blood cells, average platelet count and hemoglobin. Abnormalities in the number of blood cells or hemoglobin levels can indicate anemia, infections, multiple blood and bone marrow disorders, and even cancer.

Organ Health Assessment: This helps in the diagnosis of problems in the kidneys and the thyroid gland. Kidney problems can lead to swelling of legs, decreased amounts of urine, abnormally high levels of toxins and electrolytes that can accumulate in the blood, and fatigue. This test analyses among other parameters, the creatinine levels which determine the efficient functioning of your kidneys. Based on your results, you may be put in touch with a kidney specialist. A disorder in the thyroid gland, on the other hand, can lead to symptoms such as weight fluctuationsmenstrual irregularitieshair fall, and temperature sensitivity. A thyroid blood test can determine how effectively the gland is functioning and if T3 and T4 levels are normal. A thyroid specialist can help you with proper thyroid care.

Cholesterol testKeep in mind that the levels of cholesterol should be controlled to avoid health complications. Increased levels of cholesterol can lead to an increased risk of heart attack, stroke, and blocking of arteries causing the blood pressure to rise. Getting a health checkup at home can help you understand your HDL and LDL cholesterol levels and where you stand when it comes to your health.

Diabetes profile: High sugar levels is one of the early signs of diabetes that can over time, increase the risk of strokekidney failure, heart diseases and other complications. If you want to stay healthy, it is vital to maintain the recommended range of sugar in your body, which a blood glucose test can help confirm. A diabetes doctor can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle even with diabetes.

How often should you get the test done?

It is best to take up a basic full health checkup once a year as a preventive measure. Anyone above the age of 18 years is eligible for a basic health checkup. At medkare, you can easily take up a medical checkup at home. A qualified lab technician from Healthians or Humain Health or Prima Diagnostics or Bioline or Thyrocare  will collect the sample from your house and within 48 hours you will receive the report. Also, you can consult with top general doctors for proper diagnosis and further treatments.

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A basic full health checkup should be taken by both men and women who are above the age of 18. You should opt for this package at least once a year to ensure you are in optimal health. As you age past your mid thirties, you should consider taking a basic health checkup twice a year to catch any possible health risks at the earliest.

Some of our tests, like the thyroid blood test and CBC test, require fasting before blood test to get exact results. A minimum of 10-12 hours of a gap needs to exist between the last meal consumed and the time of the sample collection. During this time before the tests, only water is permitted for consumption.

All medical reports pertaining to the basic health checkup will be ready and uploaded onto your profile on the medkare within 48 hours of the sample collection.

Once your test results are ready, a general doctor will get in touch with you to analyse your reports and offer further advice on which parameters of your health you need to focus more on. In case any signs and symptoms of medical conditions appear in the reports, you will be put in touch with a doctor from that respective field.

Since this health package is a full health checkup for preventive measures, you will not require a doctor’s prescription to avail these tests. Simply book a health package online and schedule a date and time convenient for you for the sample collection.

In this time of a pandemic, it is highly recommended to consider taking a COVID antibody RTPCR test for safety and assurance at the comfort of your home accurately on medkare, available in Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Pune, Gurgaon and Hyderabad.

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